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1. The competition takes place at Loskop Dam on the Saturday of the predetermined weekend.
2. Entries at the venue will start from Friday at 12:00 to 22:00 and Saturday from 04:00 till 08h00.
3. All entrants must report to the Entering station at Forever Resort Loskop Dam on either Friday 12:00 – 22:00 or Saturday morning 4:00 - 08:00 on the weekend of the competition in order to collect his participant’s armband. Without this armband no weigh-in will be allowed.
4. If a participant’s arm band has been lost a new arm band can be obtained from the Competition Administration at a fee of R100.00. The entry will be verified before a new arm band can be issued.
5. Any person may enter this competition.
6. All angling and/or boat regulations as stipulated by the Mpumalanga Parks Board and SAMSA must be adhered too.
7. The Competition will start Saturday morning as soon as the flare is fired over the dam (no boats will be allowed to pass the Marshall boats before the flare is fired) The competition is expected to start Saturday morning at approximately 04:30.
8. Each participant must be in possession of his/her Participant’s armband at all times during the competition. (See rule 3).
9. Right of admission is reserved.



1. Each participant may only use a maximum of 2 rods.
2. Line class is unrestricted.
3. Any bait may be used.
4. In the event of a dispute it will be handled by the Dispute Committee. (This will exist of the Albatros chairman and events coordinator) A dispute form will be completed and a dispute fee of R100 will be payable for every dispute declared. The Committee’s ruling will be final and binding and no further correspondence will be entered into. A dispute must be handed in at the latest 1 hour after the prize giving has been completed.
5. The Committee may amend the rules at any time without any prior notice to participants.
6. Accommodation/Entrance to Forever Resorts Loskop is the sole responsibility of the angler and all anglers must have either accommodation or a day pass to be able to enter the competition. The reception will be open till 11 pm on Friday and re-open at 4am Saturday morning. Fuel will be available in the resort on Friday until 23:00 and from 04:00 up to 17h00 on Saturday.
7. By entering it is understood that you agree to all the Rules and Terms & conditions lay down and that it is your responsibility to check for any changes in the rules that may take place.
8. Albatros Deep See Angling Club, Forever Resorts and the event sponsors can not be held liable or responsible for any loss of or damage to private property or persons. Participation is at own risk.
9. Warning, beware of crocodiles and Hippos, getting to close to wild animals or reptiles or entering the water is not allowed.
10. Any rules that are broken can result in immediate disqualification.
11. Parks board, Police and Baber officials may inspect the dam on Friday afternoon for markers, night lines and fish nets, they will remove them if found before the competition starts.
12. Boats and vehicles may be inspected by Parks Board, Police or Baber officials to ensure that no fish is in anyone’s possession before 04:30 Saturday morning (See General rule 10)
13. All anglers must have a valid fishing license and Parks Board Boat permit that can be bought from Parks Board, they may request any angler’s license or boat permit at any time.



1. All boats must comply with prevailing rules.
2. Only entered anglers may be on a boat i.e. everyone on the boat must be entered in the competition.
3. There is no limit on boats or anglers fishing. NB!! (Keep To Boats Registered Total Carrying Capacity).



1. Maximum of 300 shore anglers are permitted.
2. Participants who angle form shore will choose their spots on a first come basis, according to the markers that have been placed by the committee.
3. Shore angling will take place inside the resort from the main slipway all the way towards and past the boat house and also on the opposite bank from the South Gate at Marulani Lodge. No shore angling will be allowed on the old road as it has been deemed to dangerous by the Parks Board.
4. All Shore Anglers must have a competition entry arm band as well as their Forever Resort Vehicle tag to be able to gain entry to the South Gate.



1. A maximum of 2 fish per angler may be weighed in.
2. The weigh in camp will open at 12h00 and close at 16h00 on the Saturday of the Competition.
3. Only anglers with their fish are allowed at the weigh in Que.
4. All fish weighed remain the property of the Baber Competition, for releasing back into the dam.
5. No dead fish will be weighed since this competition supports conservation.



1. One fish one prize
2. Price giving will commence approximately 1 hour after the Competition has been closed. Any winners not present at the prize giving ceremony will forfeit their prize(s).
3. This is an individual competition and any man, women or junior entered can win a price. Juniors and Woman can qualify for the main prizes as well but the rule of one fish one prize remains.
4. Each person that enters the Competition will be entered into the lucky draw. This person must be present at the prize giving with his/her Participation armband, to be eligible to receive any price(s).
5. Each winner, if any, is responsible for paying any and all taxes on any price(s) won and must authorize the deduction of such taxes, if any, from the prize(s) to the extent required by law.
6. Albatros Deep See Angling Club may use names and likeliness of the Baber Competition winner(s), for promotional purposes without further compensation.
7. To be eligible for any prize the participant must be a legal entrant of the Baber Competition.  An entrant is considered legal if the entrant complies with and accepts all the rules and Terms & conditions of the Competition and has paid his/her entry fee in full for the date(s) specified for the Competition and has received his/her Participation arm band.  The rule of one prize for one fish will apply for all prizes.

• Eligible location: Loskop Dam, Mpumalanga, South Africa
• Eligible species: Barber (Sharp Tooth Catfish) of Clarias Gariepinus.
• An official entrant in the competition during the Competition dates and times must catch the fish.
• The fish must be caught in the manner prescribed by the International Game Fish Association (IGFA) International angling rules.
• If the situation arise that two or more fish weigh the same, the fish weighed in first will be regarded as the winning fish. The other fish will then be placed according to their respective weigh in times.
• If there is a dispute, the claimant must complete in full, sign and provide all documentation as required by the Competition.
• If there is a dispute, the claimant and all witnesses can be required to submit to and pass, in a conclusive manner, a polygraph examination as a condition present to claim consideration, if, in the Competition Organizers sole opinion, such action is warranted.



1. A first price and second price will be awarded in every skin for the heaviest and second heaviest barber weighed – 1st skin starts 05:00 to 07:00 then every hour till 14:00.
2. There will be 10-boat marshals and 2-shore marshals that will handle the weighing of the fish.
3. It is the angler’s responsibility to weigh the fish with the marshal and to sign the weigh sheet with a witness.
4. All fish weighed for the skins will be released and will not be eligible for any other prices.
5. The baber committee will not be responsible for any fish lost during this weighing process and it will not be considered for any prices if not weighed before it was lost.
6. It is the sole responsibility of the angler to flag down, call and notify the marshal of his or her intention to weigh a fish.
7. Any fish not weighed in the hour can be carried over to the next skin. The fish will only count for the hour it’s been weighed in. Our aim is to release the fish as soon as possible to ensure future catches.
8. The baber committee will not be responsible for any fish not weighed during any period.
9. Use your fish on flag, ski flag or the coloured rules flyer to flag a marshal boat down.
10. A Marshall can be called on channel A, 1 or 19 on a 29MHz radio or you can call Carel on 082 372 9123 or Pieter 079 527 9875 and give them your grid reference.